The DiAry Of Anne Frank.;;♥

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Act 1: Scene 1-4

Scene 1
In Scene 1, what happens was that Anne's father wants to leave Amsterdam. He was going to go say by to Miep because he wants to leave Amsterdam. The reason he wants to leave Amsterdam is because he wants to leave all the bad memories behind. He told Miep to burn all the letters, notes, papers, etc. that she had found. Miep found Anne's diary and she asked Mr. Frank if he wanted her to burn that also. Mr. Frank took the diray from her hand, and started reading it.
When he started reading it, Anne started off by saying, My name is Anne Frank. I am 13 years old, and was born on June 12, 1929. Father hads told her that they were going into hiding. That next morning, mother woke her up and told her to get dressd. She told her to wear as many clothes as possible because if they walk out the house with suit cases, it will look suspicious. Their hiding place would be upstairs in the building were father had his businsedd. Anothjer family was going into hiding with the. They were known as the Vaan Daans and their son Peter.

Scene 2
In Scene 2, the Vaan Daans are waiting to be picked up by the Franks. The Vaan Daans were scared because they thought that the Franks were caught and tooken by the green police. At last, they got there and said that they got there late because they had to take the long way. The met in the attic of an office building. Mr. Kraller and Miep work downstairs of that building in a office and they are sheltering the two families. Mr. Frank makes a schedule of when and when not to do certain things because they can get caught by the green police.
Anne and Peter rip pff their star* of their clothes because they are now in hiding and can do what eve they like. Mr. Frank told the family that after 6 o'clock they can do what ever they like and make as much noise as they want to. Mr. Frank gives his room to Mr. Vaan Daan and Mrs. Vaan Daan. He explains to them that they can have the room because when Mr. Frank came to Amsterdam, Mr. Vaan Daan helped him out in anything he needed during that time. Anne starts talking to Peter, and Peter introduces his cat, Mouschi to Anne.

Scene 3
The family is sitting in the main room; Margot, Anne, and Peter are doing their lessons. Mrs. Van Daan is sewing the lining of her fur coat, her prized possession, given to her by her father. Mr. Frank is watching through the window to make sure the last of the workers leaves the building before announcing, "school's over," and releasing everyone from their silence and inactivity. They all put on their shoes and start to move about the apartment. Anne is playing a trick on Peter by hiding his shoes. Peter and Anne wrestle over the shoes, and Peter gets embarrassed and runs off to his room to feed his cat. Anne pouts that she needs some fun after sitting quietly all day.
Mr. Kraller comes up to the attic to share some news. He told them that there was going to be a new person that would be hiding with them. His name was Dussel. He said that a lady told him that Mr. Frank was in Holland. Dussel was born in Holland and so was his father and grandfather. Dussel is a dentist and he says that he gets along with his children patients. Dussel told Anne that nothing is right about her, not even her appearance nor character nor manners.

Scene 4
Anne had a nightmare and woke up screaming. She was saying, No! No! Don't... don't take me! Mr. Dussel got very upset because Anne was not letting her to go to sleep. Mrs. Franks hears the screaming and so she woke up. She ran to Anne's room to see what was wrong. Son everybody started to wake up because everyone heard the screams.
Anne told her mom to leave to her room and that she did not want to talk to her. Her mom felt sad that she was told that and she began to cry. Anne did not want to talk to her mom, she wanted to talk to her father. Margot told her mom not to woory, that it was just a phase that all girls go through when they are like 13. She told father that she was really trying to get her act together so she can be nice and cool to mom. Sh said that she was trying really hard to be nice to her mom and change and put the mean Anne inside her and show the nice Anne.